Forces of Warmachine: Khador (Softback)


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In the cold north of western Immoren lies the mighty Khadoran Empire, whose massive military epitomizes the national ideals of strength and resilience. Legions of Winter Guard march at the call of the empress, bent on conquest of the entire Iron Kingdoms. Led by powerful warcasters as unrelenting as the Khadoran winter and backed by elite soldiers such as the disciplined Iron Fang Pikemen and the imposing Man-O-War troopers who stride into battle in great steam-powered suits of armor, the army of Khador is ready to crush all who stand against them.

Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Khador is a 144 page softback book.

Formula P3 - Khador Colours

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The Formula P3 Khador Colours Paint Set includes key colours for painting Khador miniatures.

This set contains:

  • 1x Khador Red Base 18ml paint pot
  • 1x Khador Red Highlight 18ml paint pot
  • 1x Greatcoat Grey 18ml paint pot
  • 1x Thornwood Green 18ml paint pot
  • 1x Khardic Flesh 18ml paint pot
  • 1x Battlefield Brown 18ml paint pot

Khador Allies Kayazy Asassin Underboss

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The ruthless Kayazy Underbosses lead handpicked teams of assassins in the service of their Kayazy masters. These skilled, patient and intelligent killers rise to their rank through murder.

Khador Assault Commando Flame Thrower

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The never ending arms race between nations has led the Khadoran High Kommand to embrace any weapon that may give them an advantage, no matter how inhumane. The flamethrower issued to Kommando squads is the current production model of several generations of prototypes. A huge canister is strapped to the Kommando's back and feeds the propellant gun he carries in place of his standard carbine. Trenchers have come to fear the Khadoran flamethrowers, concentrating their fire upon those who carry them. The life of an Assault Kommando who takes up the flamethrower may be short, but he can be sure that many of the Motherland's enemies will die before him.

Khador Assault Kommandos (Unit of 10 repack)

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Assault Kommando troops advance upon the enemy behind a wall of shields, opening fire with their carbines and poisoning the air with choking gas. Their masks protect them from the lingering effects of their own insidious weaponry while allowing their vision to pierce the fog of war. Brutal and effective, the Assault Kommandos are the edge of the Khadoran sword of conquest.

Khador Battle Mechanik Officer

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Battle mechanik officers are hardened combat veterans who specialize in the maintenance and battle repairs of the vaunted Man-O-War armor. Trained in the use of steam-powered armor, they rely on its protection to wade deep into the thick of battle to repair warjacks and Man-O-War alike. The mechaniks’ presence ensures no soldier’s armor becomes disabled, keeping Khador’s signature heavy infantry in the fight.

The metal Khador Battle Mechanik Officer blister pack contains a single Battle Mechanik Officer model.

Khador Battle Mechaniks

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Khador's mighty warjacks are built to last, but not even the toughest Destroyer or Juggernaut is immune to the devastating effects of protracted battle. The loyal members of the Khadoran Mechaniks' Assembly are there to keep the empire's great battle machines pounding away at the enemy. Every battle mechanik follows his warjacks into battle, ready to make essential repairs or simply crush skulls with his oversized wrench.

Khador Battlegroup (Plastic)

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Khador’s powerful warjacks epitomize the national ideals of strength and resilience and are as relentless in battle as the frigid winters of their homeland. Under the icy gaze of Kommander Sorscha, the magical ice axe of the Juggernaut chews through iron plating like kindling while the powerful bombard cannon of the Destroyer obliterates all before their unstoppable might.

The plastic Khador Battlegroup contains; 1 x Khador Warcaster Kommander Sorscha, 1 x Khador Destroyer Heavy Warjack, 1 x Khador Juggernaut Heavy Warjack & 3 x Colour Stat Cards.

The Battlegroup box sets are the perfect way for a new Warmachine player to dive into the game and experience the flavor of one of the four warring nations: Cygnar, Khador, The Protectorate of Menoth or Cryx!

Khador Beast 09 Heavy Warjack

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The posture of the hulking Juggernaut called Beast-09 conveys animal menace and its frame quivers with the raw power of its oversized boilers. When it breaks through the trees with the splintered crack of exploded timber, its prey already knows that a monster approaches. The warjack only becomes docile and still when Sorscha Kratikoff calls it to her side, and in battle it seeks her approval like a faithful hound.

Khador Behemoth Heavy Warjack

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Carrying the most sophisticated weapons available to the Motherland, the Behemoth is the vanguard warjack of the Empire and a testament to its ingenuity. The incredible effort and determination put into this unique machine make it the mechanikal embodiment of Khador: immense, fantastically powerful, unyielding, awe inspiring and nearly indestructible. As the Behemoth strides across the battlefield, one can witness the pride and glory that is the Khador Empire embodied within its metal frame. It is a symbol to the Khadoran people as much as a destructive force to those who would stand against its imminent arrival.