The Army Painter: Miniature & Model Drill


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The Army Painter: Miniature & Model Drill has a rotating head for greater drilling accuracy.

The Army Painter Hobby Pliers contains:

  • 1 drill
  • 5 different drill bits
  • 2 reversible collets for stronger drill-gripping (the spare is in the body of the drill)

The Army Painter: Miniature & Model Files


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The Army Painter's modelling files set contains 3 of the most popular and useful file shapes. Perfect for use on white metal and plastic miniatures they should be in every gamer's toolkit!

The Army Painter: Plastic Assembly Starter Set


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This set contains a special Plastic Frame cutter with extra fine point for precision work, a knife for removing flash and 12ml of The Army Painters amazing Plastic Glue. A Tool Guide is also included.

Everything you need to get you started on assembling those plastic regiments.


The Hobby Knife uses very sharp blades - as ever we recommend cutting away from yourself to avoid injury...

The Army Painter: Precision Hobby Knife


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With a soft grip to ensure maximum safety this hobby knife also contains 5 extra razor-sharp scalpel blades. Features a special locking mechanism for hold blades securely.

Please note that we cannot sell knives to those under 18 years of age.

The Army Painter: Precision Plastic Cutters


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The Army Painter's Precision Plastic Cutters are sharp, thin and precise. With this specialized tool you can cut your models from the sprue with ease and precision. It is ideal for trimming and converting all plastic models and miniatures.

The Army Painter: Precision Side Cutter


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The Army Painter's "Yellow Cutter" is probably the best known tool in the industry. It is sharp and precise and has a multi functional purpose as it is great for cutting plastic models and bits of the frames as well as doing minor cuts (head swaps, arms, weapons etc.) of metal miniatures.

Wargamers Hobby Tool Kit


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Everything you need to start out in the hobby!

  • Side Cutters - Use these to cut plastic, resin and small metal pieces.
  • Pin Vice + Drill Bits - Perfect for drilling, larger or more delicateminiatures together.
  • File - With soft grip handle to remove mould lines, flash etc.
  • Tweezers - Ideal for use when gluing, especially those really small bit.
  • Super Glue - Perfect glue for your hobby / army.