Rubber Steel Movement Tray Insert Pack

Gale Force Nine Rubber Steel Movement Tray Insert Pack


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Gale Force Nine’s Magnetic Basing System is the ultimate solution for your model basing needs. Each pack of bases contains ready to use magnetic bases and a sheet of self-adhesive “rubber steel”. Your forces will always be battle-ready, be it in their movement trays, display boards or army transport case.

Every pre-sized base is a powerful magnet, topped with molded plastic. Simply mount your miniature as you would on any standard plastic base, paint and flock the base and your model is ready to take to the battlefield. The magnetic base will adhere to any ferrous surface and is strong enough to hold even metal models in place.

The bases are packed with a sheet of rubber steel; a flexible ferrous surface with a self-adhesive coating on the back. The rubber steel may easily be cut to any shape or size to fit into a movement tray or on a display board.

Gale Force Nine's Magnetic Basing System guarantees that your models will be more attractive than ever!

The Rubber Steel Movement Tray Insert Pack includes 3 x 5" (12.5cm) by 8" (20cm) Rubber Steel sheets

Note: This is not magnetic sheeting! This a non-magnetic ferrous material that magnets will adhere to.