Polish Wz. 34 Armoured Car (Early War)
  • Polish Wz. 34 Armoured Car (Early War)
  • Flames of War: Open Fire
  • Flames of War: Open Fire

Polish Wz. 34 Armoured Car (Early War)


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The wz. 34 was the standard armoured car of the Polish Army in 1939. It was unique in the fact that it was the only armoured car that started life as a half-track before being redesigned as a wheeled vehicle. This was due to the half-track's inadequate performance due to the level of maintenance required to keep them in the field and its low overall speed.

The wz. 34 series of armoured cars had a number of different engines, transmission and other mechanic variations but these details were often omitted in distinguishing the variants of the wz. 34 series. A more notable feature was the vertical rear plate on the earlier versions of the wz. 34 while the later version featured a sloped rear plate. Armament wise, around one third of the wz. 34 armoured cars were armed with the SA 37mm gun and the remaining vehicles were fitted with a 7.92mm Hotchkiss wz. 25 machine-gun.

The Polish Wz. 34 Armoured Car blister pack contains three Wz. 34 Armoured Cars & SA 37mm gun option.

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