Hungarian 149mm 14/31M Howitzer (Mid-late War)

Hungarian 149mm 14/31M Howitzer (Mid-late War)


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The artillery of the Hungarian infantry divisions underwent a number of changes since 1943. The infantry’s artillery fought with 100mm 14M Skoda howitzers as the standard weapons instead of the retired 80mm gun. The medium batteries were equipped with the 149mm 14/31M howitzer.

The 149mm 14/31M was the most accurate and the most powerful artillery piece in the Hungarian Army’s arsenal. The gun was capable of firing a shell weighing more than 40kg up to a maximum range of 14.5km.

The Hungarian 149mm 14/31M Howitzer blister pack contains:

  • 2 x 149mm 14/31M howitzers
  • Gun crew
  • 2 x optional 100/14M barrels

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