German Tigers Marsch (Late War)
  • German Tigers Marsch (Late War)
  • Flames of War: Open Fire
  • Flames of War: Open Fire

German Tigers Marsch (Late War)


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Michael Wittmann, a veteran of four years of almost constant combat, watches as the British column roars by his well-hidden tanks. With so much at stake, and his orders clearly defining his role, he decides to act immediately. A simple plan of action emerges.

His once mighty company of 14 Tiger I E heavy tanks is now reduced to a mere five as the rest straggle in from the long march. Yet Wittmann knows, even in such small numbers, a Tiger in the hands of his elite crews is more than a match for anyone. He orders four of his five tanks to take Point 213.

He will take the fifth tank alone on the most dangerous part of the job, preventing British reinforcements from getting to the hill until his men get the job done. With the enemy tanks on the hill destroyed, together they can move to clear the town as well.

The four mighty Tiger tanks run along a small dirt track parallel to the main paved road the British travel on.

They must take the hill and secure it against all enemy attacks. Each tank crew knows its duty to the Fatherland, each ready to sacrifice all if they must.

The German Tigers Marsch contains:


  • 5 x individually sculpted Tiger I E tanks
  • 6 x custom Tiger Ace dice
  • 2 x decal sheets
  • 16 x custom gaming tokens


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