German Jagdpanther Platoon (Late War)
  • German Jagdpanther Platoon (Late War)
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German Jagdpanther Platoon (Late War)


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The success of the 8.8cm gun had a direct influence on the design of German tanks and tank-hunters. The 8.8cm PaK43 was too big to be useful on a Panzer III or IV chassis, so German industry sought a compromise to upgrade the slow manoeuvring heavies such as the Ferdinand assault gun and Königstiger heavy tank.

The Army Weapons Office’s answer was the Jagdpanther (Hunting Panther, pronounced yahkt pan-terr). This placed an 8.8cm PaK43 on a Panther tank to combine the firepower of the big gun with the higher mobility of the Panther.

Initial designs called for the Jagdpanther to be based on the Panther II, but once the Panther II was scrapped in favour of upgrading the standard Panther, the Jagdpanther changed to that chassis instead.

The main result was the lowering of the front armour to 80mm armour instead of the intended 100mm of the Panther II. The first Jagdpanther tank-hunters sported Zimmerit protective coating, but those produced after 8 September 1944 did not.

The German Jagdpanther Platoon contains:

  • 3 x individually sculpted Jagdpanther tank hunters
  • German decal sheet

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