Flames of War: Hammer and Sickle

Flames of War: Hammer and Sickle


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'The Initiative is now in our hands, and the efforts of Hitler's loose and rusty machine cannot check the Red Army's onslaught.' - Iosef Stalin on the 24th Anniversary of the Red Army This book covers the history of the battles that sealed Festerplatz Minsk. Covering the Soviet Motorstrelkovy Batalons, Rota Razvedki, Guardeyskiy Tankovy and Inomarochnikiy Tankovy battalions. The German forces are made up of the Kampfgruppen (a mixture of veterans and reserve forces) the most feared of these being the Sperrverband.

Hammer and Sickle is a 72 page expansion for Flames of War.

A copy of the Flames of War Rulebook is required to use the contents of this book.

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