Flames of War: Fortress Europe

Flames of War: Fortress Europe


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Fortress Europe contains Intelligence Briefings on the German, British, Soviet and US forces involved in these dramatic campaigns to liberate Europe. These give you everything you need to field these forces in a Flames Of War game, including the up-gunned M4A1 Sherman (76mm) and Firefly VC tanks, the speedy M18 Hellcat GMC tank destroyer and Cromwell tank, the deadly Churchill Crocodile flame-tank, the M16 MGMC with its quadruple .50 cal machine-guns, the up-gunned T-34/85 medium tank and the powerful IS-2 heavy tank with its 122mm gun capable of penetrating the armour of any German tank.

Fortress Europe contains the core forces that were in Festung Europa, but they have been given the modern equivalent of a makeover to bring them to that same standard as Flames of Wars' current books.

The first major change is the organisation diagrams for choosing your company have been changed to the new style.

The second major change is that Flames of War have added in the new units that have appeared in all the handbooks from the last two years in their relative places. Now all the forces can use the new equipment, not just the divisions covered in the handbooks.

The last major difference is that Flames of War have updated the Soviet section to bring it in line with the Eastern front books as you can see in Stalin’s Onslaught.

Fortress Europe is a 160 page full colour book.

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