Empire of the Blazing Sun Armoured Battle Group

Empire of the Blazing Sun Armoured Battle Group


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The Empire of the Blazing Sun (EotBS) is a proud nation steeped in centuries of tradition. War is second nature to this Empire, its troops having spent many years in conflict with neighbouring nations such as Korea and China.

Inside the Empire of the Blazing Sun Armoured Battle Group are the building block from which you can assemble your ground force of hulking metal vehicles. Massive Land Ships, Artillery, Medium Tanks and Small Tank Tokens come together to fight across the battlefields of the world.

The Empire of the Blazing Sun Armoured Battle Group contains:

  • 1 x Taka Ashi Heavy Walker: The Taka Ashi represents an alternate advance in the design of battlefield assets. With its mere size it presents an intimidating target and is a beast in urban combat. It has great all round fire with its knee turrets, main turret and rocket battery.
  • 6 x Chi Ri Class Medium Tank: The Chi Ri has a durable chassis and a wide firing arc with its turret and broadsides. It also has a good anti-aircraft ability for its class.
  • 3 x Ho I Class Bombard :The Ho I is more than capable of bombarding enemy vehicles and fortifications with sustained fire at both short and long range. It can also fire into either the fore or aft arcs.
  • 10 x Ke Ho Class Small Tank: The Ke Ho has a straightforward design (even if it is round.) and can take a fair amount of punishment for its size. A squadron of Ke Hos can be quite a threat to ground and air targets alike.

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