Dark Eldar Reavers

Dark Eldar Reavers

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The Dark Eldar Reavers box set contains three multi-part plastic Dark Eldar Reavers. This 68-piece set includes: seven heads and three different bodies, a heat lance, a blaster, a cluster caltrop pod and a host of extra blades. Models supplied with small flying bases.

The Dark Eldar Reavers box set is available for pre-order and will be released on the 6th of November.

Check out our comprehensive review of the Reavers kit in our blog: Dark Eldar Reavers review.

Author: Paul @ Total Wargamer
Date added: 03.11.2010, 18:21


The Reaver kit contains enough parts to build 3 Dark Eldar Reavers, one of which can be built as an Arena Champion and includes all the jetbike weapon options and upgrades from the codex but annoyingly there are no weapon arms for the Reavers themselves, even though the Arena Champion can take a close combat weapon in the codex.

The Reavers look pretty good and are easy to build. That said they are less impressive to look at than the other Dark Eldar kits we have reviewed in the last week or so.

Finally, and this is what lets the kit down, the kit is very expensive. I really feel that rather than 21, this kit should be priced at about the same 15 RRP level that the Kabalite Warriors are set at.

Bearing cost in mind I can only award the Dark Eldar Reavers kit 3 stars. That said, on the tabletop these guys are going to be pretty mean so they will sell regardless, I will be fielding at least one unit of 5 or 6 myself...

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