BattleTech is an epic, ongoing fictional science-fiction universe supporting a game that simulates combat in the 31st century. The lords of these battlefields are 30 foot tall humanoid vehicles known as BattleMechs. The 'Mechs don't battle alone however; there are also a myriad of other military units, from combat vehicles and infantry to aerospace units and more, each bringing additional tactical & strategic elements to the game.

The current, award-winning, BattleTech core rulebooks provide a vast range of rules and options from which a group of players can choose any aspect or scale of 31st century combat they wish to simulate.

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Akuma AKU 1X

CODE: 20-756

In stock

Akuma AKU-1X 90 tons TRO 3067


CODE: 20-794

In stock

Albatross ALB-3U 95 tons TRO 3055

Annihilator ANH-1A

CODE: 20-897

In stock

Annihilator ANH-1A 100 tons TRO 3050


CODE: 20-250

In stock

Anubis ABS-3L 30 tons TRO 3067


CODE: 20-669

In stock

Anvil ANV-3M 60 tons TRO 3055


CODE: 20-319

In stock

Makes Arbalest or Arbalest 2 (Dark Age) 25 Tons TRO Mini Rules


CODE: 20-985

In stock

Arcas 65 tons TRO 3067

Archer ARC-6W

CODE: 20-298

In stock

Archer ARC-6W 70 tons TRO Project phoenix

Arctic Fox

CODE: 20-251

In stock

Arctic Fox AF1 30 tons TRO 3060

Arctic Wolf

CODE: 20-943

In stock

Arctic Wolf 40 tons TRO 3060